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The government is serious about compliance, and so are we.

MPA works with healthcare organizations that want to build and maintain effective compliance programs that last.

We provide compliance programs designed to prevent and detect non-compliance. Our goal is to improve processes and prevent problems that can result in an investigation or enforcement. MPA's compliance programs go far beyond a binder of policies: We develop compliance programs designed to become part of your daily operations.
We strongly believe a successful compliance program needs ongoing training, and a culture of compliance to support it. MPA offers training and culture enhancement options to keep your compliance effort relevant year after year.
Our clients choose MPA for a competitive price that does not compromise on quality or scope. Select the amount of compliance support you need: MPA can help you with the entire compliance puzzle, or simply provide the missing piece.

How we can help you

MPA can help you with the entire compliance puzzle, or just your missing piece.
  • Compliance program assessments
  • Compliance Officer support
  • Board training
  • Compliance officer training
  • Employee training programs
  • Foundation compliance policies
  • Compliance risk area policies
  • Compliance audit tools
  • HIPAA tool kits
  • Compliance training and culture tools
  • Compliance Board and committee engagement tools
  • ... and more!

Margaret Scavotto writes for Compliance Today:

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Copyright 2018 Compliance Today, a publication of the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA). 

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At first glance corporate compliance looks overwhelming and impossible but the team at MPA can help allay those fears. Step by step, you will get better as you go. I feel much more confident that our Home can infuse this integrity into our culture. Thank you, Margaret!

—Rick Plattner, LNHA
Director of Public Relations & Compliance Officer, Fairview Haven
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