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Posted by Margaret Scavotto, JD, CHC on 8/25/22 12:42 PM

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MPA scours OIG, DOJ, FBI, OSHA, & OCR updates so you don't have to.

We summarize enforcement trends and deliver the latest compliance and HIPAA developments to your inbox with our Monthly Compliance News Report.

Read MPA’s News Report to stay current with compliance news and developments. Then, forward the News Report (or excerpts) to your Board, Compliance Committee, and management team, to keep them informed with little effort. MPA’s clients use the News Report to find ideas for compliance and HIPAA training, and identify areas where policies or audits are needed.

This month’s issue includes:

  • A summary of the 48 OIG health care fraud enforcement cases announced last month
  • Examples of False Claims, Kickback, opioid, and state enforcement from last month
  • Items added to the OIG Work Plan  
  • The latest OIG Advisory Opinion
  • Twelve new HIPAA enforcements
  • OCR guidance on nondiscrimination in telehealth
  • The OIG's audit report of nursing home life safety and emergency preparedness noncompliance
  • An update on the Uber breach
  • Updates to Medicare's Care Compare website
  • ... and more!
  • You can read a sample report here

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