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Posted by Margaret Scavotto, JD, CHC on 5/5/21 10:04 AM

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Time and time again, we see healthcare providers defending a HIPAA breach, employee termination, or other compliance conundrum with the words: "All employees are trained at hire and annually."

These articles show us that training staff at hire and annually is not enough.

If we want compliance and HIPAA to be top-of-mind and part of our daily culture, our compliance and HIPAA messages need to be - well, part of our daily culture.

MPA's Monthly Compliance Moments and Monthly HIPAA Moments help you keep these topics top-of-mind for your staff. Each download includes 12 flyers for you to distribute to staff by email, or to print and post around your building. 

Make compliance and HIPAA messages pervasive and effective with MPA's Monthly Compliance Moments and Monthly HIPAA Moments.

Purchase Monthly Compliance Moments for $125.

Purchase Monthly HIPAA Moments for $125.

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