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Helmets, Hoverboards, Chicken Farms: HIPAA training shouldn't be boring

Posted by Margaret Scavotto, JD, CHC on 8/11/22 11:15 AM

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A surgeon tweeted a selfie of himself operating on a patient while wearing a bike helmet.

A dentist texted a video of himself extracting a tooth while standing on a hoverboard.

A nursing home contracted with a chicken farm for medical records shredding services.

No, I’m not making these up. They actually happened. These are all potential HIPAA violations.


Which of the following will your staff more likely remember?

  1. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or
  2. A surgeon tweeted a selfie of himself operating on a patient while wearing a bike helmet. This is a potential HIPAA issue – what if patient information, or the actual patient, was visible in the background? Selfies and patient care are a bad idea.

Definitely #2. It is more memorable, which makes it a much more effective. Why? It provides opportunities for discussion. Employees do not need to know what HIPAA stands for. Honestly, I’m not even concerned if employees spell it: HIPPA instead of HIPAA. If an employee spells it HIPPA but understands what may be potential privacy risks, training is successful. All of our clients and webinar attendees like this type of real-world training.

Let us make your HIPAA training memorable

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MPA mines news stories, enforcement actions, and client experiences (don’t worry – we always keep them anonymous).. These real-world and memorable scenarios are what we put in our HIPAA training:

  • Training tailored to healthcare Privacy Officers, Security Officers, board members, and employees.
  • Training that is fun and interactive. We play everyone’s favorite interactive HIPAA game: “Is it a breach?!”
  • Live zoom training, and also recorded trainings that you can add to your learning management system.
If you would like to make your HIPAA training more memorable and helpful, respond to this email or give me a call.



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