Turnaround & Continuing Management

MPA’s management solutions get results. We have:

  • Managed 15 successful provider turnarounds in acute and long-term care
  • Resolved governance and strategy issues, opening up opportunities that would have otherwise remained unrecognized
  • Improved financial strength, revenue cycle and cash management, and productivity at distressed institutions
  • Devised managed care strategies in highly competitive acute care markets
  • Opened up new senior markets and expanded service lines
  • Effectively worked with State government to improve our clients’ strategic positions

For more results, please see the detailed case studies here.

Every turnaround will have its own facts and circumstances. Following a basic analytical approach helps us understand the organization and tailor management services for the best results. We begin with an assessment of:

  • Leadership, including the governance structure, decision-making processes, and key moves over the past five years
  • Quality and depth of the management team
  • Quality of services and level of customer satisfaction
  • Relationships with regulators and the depth of management’s documentation on regulatory matters
  • Labor relations and supervisory skills
  • Critical statistical and financial metrics over the past five years which define the organization’s financial capability
  • Policies and procedures including accounting, billing, and collection practices.

The objective of the assessment is to identify problems quickly. Working closely with each client, we prioritize our findings and develop a plan for the turnaround, adjusting it as needed to correspond with our progress.

Our leadership includes:

  • Process improvement (e.g., reimbursement management, financial reporting, clinical coding, marketing, staffing controls, workforce productivity optimization, internal controls and fair policy enforcement)
  • Strengthening communication channels throughout the organization
  • Board and management leadership development
  • Establishing the all-important balance between financial realities and service goals.

MPA can help

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