Business Plans

Competitive organizations always look for new sources of revenue. As their search for revenue growth intensifies, so does their need for business planning.

MPA provides services to assist in several important areas of business development.

MPA utilizes a market-oriented approach to assess demand for new services and to measure the competition. With a solid understanding of demographics, incidence, and programming, we work with clients to learn the critical assumptions underpinning a new service line – expected volumes, payer mix, staffing, non-labor expenses, capital costs and financing, licensure and certification, quality management,  and implementation timetable including contracting for design/construction services.

We build a financial model to determine feasibility and adapt the model throughout the implementation period to maintain the proper balance between project scope, development costs and expected cash flows.

MPA can help

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However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

—Winston Churchill