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    Why MPA?

    Team of experts

    MPA’s diverse team of healthcare experts includes professionals with backgrounds in law, nursing, nursing home administration, healthcare management, financial services, and managed care. When you hire MPA, you receive access to the entire team.

    Operational perspective

    MPA doesn’t just provide compliance services. MPA manages homes too, which means we know how homes operate and how to get things done, including compliance.

    Flexible service offerings

    MPA can help you handle the entire compliance puzzle, or help you with the missing piece of your program. We offer flexible compliance services adapted to your needs and budget, from comprehensive program management to DIY compliance tools. 

    Cost savings

    All of MPA's compliance offerings are designed to be cost-effective for skilled nursing providers. Our tools and full-service programs are less expensive than hiring an hourly attorney or adding an FTE compliance officer - and they give you access to a diverse team of experts.

    Effective programs

    An unused "paper" program is not enough. MPA will not sell you a binder of policy templates and then walk away – we know that binder will soon be gathering dust. MPA offers the training, auditing, support and updates to keep your program effective - long term.

    Clinical involvement

    MPA believes a compliance program cannot be effective unless clinical documentation is addressed. MPA’s audit strategies include review at the clinical level, helping you invest in defensible documentation.

    Quality and process improvement

    In order for compliance to succeed, process is important. MPA offers process improvement and quality assurance programs designed by consultants who have worked in the skilled nursing environment.

    HIPAA expertise

    HIPAA Privacy and Security enforcement are at an all time high. MPA offers the tools and consulting to help you reach HIPAA compliance.

    Focus on culture and training

    MPA offers numerous training programs and culture tools for the employee and board levels to keep compliance top of mind and help you grow a lasting culture of compliance.

    MPA can help

    For more information on MPA’s Compliance Services, please contact:
    Margaret Scavotto
    314-394-2222 ext. 24 



    Myth #7

    My only risk is financial.

    The Truth:

    While six and seven figure penalties for non-compliance are scary enough, there are other risks: bad publicity, exclusion from Medicare and Medicaid, lawsuits, class action lawsuits, and even prison.