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Compliance Training and Culture Tool Kit

A compliance program is only as strong as its employees. Do your employees know how to recognize non-compliance…and how to report it internally? Do your employees understand when a perk or gift is an illegal kickback? When the use of social media violates HIPAA? When the way they speak to a resident violates resident rights?

Annual training is not enough to keep compliance top-of-mind. Invest in a compliance campaign that educates your employees on an ongoing basis, helping them do their jobs and helping you stay compliant. Ours includes:

  • Annual/New Hire Compliance PowerPoint
  • 12 Monthly Compliance Moments for your organization to share with employees
  • Compliance Week Handbook with suggested events and content to use during your own Compliance Week

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For more information, contact:
Margaret Scavotto, JD, CHC
Director of Compliance Services
314-434-4227 ext. 24
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