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MPA works with healthcare providers who want to meet the strict and ever-changing criteria for compliance programs.

I want to learn about…

Why compliance is mandatory

How compliance saves money

Why I should choose MPA

How I can have a compliance program without a full-time Compliance Officer

I need help with…


Getting started

Getting compliance down on paper



Compliance Committee and Board reporting

An assessment of my compliance program

Training and culture

Keeping compliance current

The entire compliance puzzle

MPA can help

For more information on MPA’s Compliance Services, please contact:
Margaret Scavotto
Management Performance Associates
[email protected]
314-394-2222 extension 24



Look no further than MPA. You will create a comprehensive and effective compliance program that will not only satisfy government requirements, but most importantly, will lead to better care for the elderly you serve.

—Patricia Hubbs Education Coordinator, retired Leading Age Missouri

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