Managed Care Strategies

There is a very clear strategy in dealing with managed delivery and, thanks to our years of experience in the managed care cauldron, we can help providers articulate and implement plans that re-position their programs, making them attractive to managed care entities. We are effective advisors in negotiating provider contracts.  Remember, however, that the contract you get reflects your strategic importance to the health plan.

There are five major elements to successful provider strategies:

  • Recognize that the delivery system will change  fundamentally under managed care
  • Understand the new incentives created under managed care
  • Manage the process and cost of treating chronic disease
  • Create value for health plans by focusing on coordinated care and results
  • Maintain market share

Hot Buttons for Managed Care

Structure and strategy

Managed delivery is coming. Are you ready?

Recognizing change in the delivery system

Creating strategic advantage for providers

MPA can help

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We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

— Albert Einstein


Operational effectiveness is necessary for success, indicating how well you run the race. Strategy determines which race you will run and how you will run it.

— inspired by Michael Porter