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    Clients may access the MPA Compliance Client Gateway here:

    MPA Client Gateway

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    The MPA Client Gateway is an online tool that allows providers to train employees in an efficient manner:

    1. Videos. Your employees can view training videos either at work or on their own time. Provide your own video, have MPA develop a customized training video for you, or choose from MPA’s Training Library. The MPA Client Gateway can be used to add quiz questions to training videos.
    2. Documents. The MPA Client Gateway can be used to distribute documents such as policies and procedures to your employees.  Quiz questions can also be added for documents. Document quiz questions can be used to verify that employees agree to follow your policies and procedures.
    3. Employee Tracking. You can add employees to the MPA Client Gateway one at a time, or add  multiple employees at once by using the batch upload feature. If your employees do not have email addresses, the MPA Client Gateway will assign Login Ids and Passwords for you to provide to your employees. Through the MPA Client Gateway, you can send reminder emails to employees who still need to view training. The MPA Client Gateway tracks which employees have viewed each training video and document, as well as their scores for the accompanying quiz, creating a record of compliance.
    4. Efficiency. These features make the MPA Client Gateway an essential tool for documenting the Training and Education component of your Compliance Program, and proving that you have completed compliance training and distributed compliance program documents to your employees and other relevant individuals. The MPA Client Gateway can be used for annual compliance training, as well as to train employees who join your organization after annual compliance training occurs. Rather than repeating a live training session every time new employees come aboard, you only need to add new employees to the MPA Client Gateway.

    For more information, contact:
    Margaret Scavotto
    Director of Compliance Services
    314-434-4227 ext. 24  


    Myth #10

    I don’t need an auditing and monitoring plan or strategy. I can handle issues as they come up.

    The Truth:

    With an auditing strategy, you can identify potential compliance risks and address them before the government does. An auditing plan is also essential to show that you have an effective, up-to-date program.