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Culture will MAKE or BREAK your compliance program.

Posted by Margaret Scavotto, JD, CHC on 9/23/15 7:30 AM

Compliance officers understand that compliance policies, procedures, training, audits and hotlines are essential--but only go so far. Your compliance manual is designed to help your employees do the right thing (policies, training), and make sure they are doing the right thing (audits, hotline).

But how do we motivate employees to do the right thing when nobody is looking? After all, most of the time, nobody is looking.

In The Importance of Ethical Culture: Increasing Trust and Driving Down Risks, the Ethics Resource Center (ERC) reported a strong link between an organization's culture, and the strength of its compliance program:

      "The strength of a company's ethical culture drives:

  • Whether or not employees feel pressure to compromise company standards;
  • The rate of observed misconduct;
  • Whether employees who observed misconduct chose to report it; and
  • Whether those who report feel retaliated against."

ERC Report, p. 2. 

It's clear that nursing homes that want to have an effective compliance program must spend time building a culture of compliance to support that program. What isn't so clear is how to put this abstract concept into action. Over the coming weeks, MPA's blog will bring you Compliance Culture Building Blocks. We will explain practical steps you can take to promote a compliance culture that will make your compliance program. For example, we will talk about engaging your board, marketing compliance to your employees, and keeping whistleblowers at bay.

Stay tuned.


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