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Posted by Margaret Scavotto, JD, CHC on 10/14/20 10:00 AM

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MPA scours OIG, DOJ, FBI, and OCR enforcement updates and news headlines so you don't have to.

We summarize enforcement trends and deliver the latest compliance and HIPAA developments to your inbox with our Monthly Compliance News Report.

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Coming to this month's issue: 

  • OIG announces largest healthcare enforcement of all time 
  • Nurse practitioner bills for medically unnecessary nursing home visits
  • Fake nurse worked for eight providers before being caught
  • 2nd largest HIPAA settlement announced
  • Anthem settles again
  • Intruder uses medical student's swipe card to access surgical suite
  • German cyberattack leads to homicide investigation
  • Paying ransomware can lead to federal penalties
  • ...and more!
  • You can read a sample report here

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