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Compliance Culture Building Block #10: Celebrate success.

Posted by Margaret Scavotto, JD, CHC on 8/24/16 7:30 AM

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the compliance officer isn't the only one who deserves credit

Remember, your compliance program is only as strong as your employees. [LINK to HELP your employees]. This means when something goes right, it’s not just the Compliance Officer who deserves credit.

Recognize employees.

Train your supervisors to identify employees who go above and beyond for compliance. Did someone ask an important compliance question? Point out an area where audits might be needed? Take the time to thank these people. Make sure the Compliance Officer and HR coordinate in this area, so employees get the recognition they deserve.

Celebrate milestones.

Many compliance milestones deserve a party or newsletter recognition, such as 100% compliance training attendance, or QAPI PIP improvements. The compliance audit program can also yield many reasons to celebrate—just be careful to reward people for audits completed, not zero audit findings. The last message you want to send is that finding problems in an audit is a bad thing. But, if a department completes all of their scheduled audits on time, it might be time for a pizza party.

Compliance takes work. Take the time to reward people for a job well done. Make compliance a positive thing by constantly looking out for ways to honor employees and celebrate success. Enjoy the virtuous cycle: a culture of compliance is reason to celebrate—and celebrations help grow a positive culture.

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