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Compliance Culture Building Block #8: Measure (don't assume).

Posted by Margaret Scavotto, JD, CHC on 6/22/16 7:30 AM

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How do you know your compliance program is effective? How do you know your employees see a culture of compliance? We use audits to measure our adherence to policies and procedures, and testing to evaluate training effectiveness. Did you know you can measure your compliance culture, too?  

Use surveys.

Anonymous surveys are a great way to find out the true tone of your organization, and how staff perceive the compliance program. Taking this step also shows your employees that how they feel about the organization is important to you.

If possible, develop a survey that can track responses by department—and therefore, by supervisor. This will allow you to identify the overall sense of culture in your organization, but also any problem areas. Are any leaders obstacles to an effective culture of compliance?

Give exit interviews a try.

Exit interviews have equal pros and cons. They take time, and an employee on the way out the door might not be candid with you. But they also might give you an earful. Exit interviews are an opportunity to measure your organization's culture and detect non-compliance.

Depending on your other compliance priorities and available resources, it may be well worth your while to give exit interviews a chance. If you do gather this data, do yourself a favor and involve the compliance department/officer so this information can be tracked and studied for process improvements--and to identify potential non-compliance. 

Address the low points.

Once you take your measurements, it’s time to address the low points. Compile your survey results and exit interviews and figure out where you have a culture problem. Is your compliance message getting across loud and clear—to everyone? Do people understand how to report non-compliance? Or did you learn of weak areas where the awareness of ethics and integrity needs a boost? Focus on these problem areas, and measure again.



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