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Anthem Makes HIPAA History

Posted by Margaret Scavotto, JD, CHC on 10/16/18 3:43 PM

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In early 2015, Anthem announced the largest healthcare cyber-attack America has seen. Hackers accessed records of 79 million people. Affected patients brought class action lawsuits against Anthem. In 2017, the lawsuits settled for $115 million.

Yesterday, the OCR announced it has settled the underlying HIPAA violations of this data breach for a whopping $16 million. This settlement far exceeds the next-highest HIPAA settlement we have seen ($5.5 million), and brings 2018's average HIPAA settlement amount up to $4,978,000.

The OCR reported that hackers were able to infiltrate Anthem's system after at least one employee clicked on a spear phishing email. The OCR also found that Anthem: "failed to conduct an enterprise-wide risk analysis, had insufficient procedures to regularly review information system activity, failed to identify and respond to suspected or known security incidents, and failed to implement adequate minimum access controls to prevent the cyber-attackers from accessing sensitive ePHI, beginning as early as February 18, 2014."

What you can do

Your HIPAA security strategy needs to address the HIPAA Security Rules. If you haven't already done so, conduct a HIPAA security risk analysis (or update yours, if it's time). Review HIPAA Security administrative, technical and security safeguards to make sure you have implemented measures to mitigate risks that could subject your organization to an attack.

And, don't forget to train your staff. The OCR noted that the Anthem breach started when potentially a single employee clicked on a spear phishing email.  You could have the most sophisticated HIPAA security defense available - but if employees can't recognize suspicious emails, you are still vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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