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HIPAA Update: Are you overlooking PHI?

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HIPAA Lessons from Uber: Don't Sweep Data Breaches Under the Rug

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I’ll have another rosemary latte and a HIPAA breach, please.

HIPAA Reminder: Don’t Forget Students


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HIPAA News: Two Settlements and a Fraudulent OCR Postcard

You need your compliance program now more than ever

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Has your HIPAA training kept up with COVID-19?

Train Remotely with Compliance and HIPAA Training Handbooks

DOJ revises compliance program guidance: How do you measure up?

Nursing Home Residents Can Keep Stimulus Checks

Compliance Lessons from The Office

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HIPAA News: Who Leaked Ezekiel Elliott’s COVID-19 Results?

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Reopening your compliance program in a pandemic

HIPAA News: Contacting COVID-19 Patients about Blood & Plasma Donation

MPA, Blue M&Ms, and Toy Story: Great Things Turning 25 in 2020

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HIPAA reminder: Is your workforce changing?

Using Social Media Safely During a Pandemic

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OCR issues guidance on media access to patients

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Protect your organization from skyrocketing COVID cyber scams

What do we do about compliance now?

HIPAA & COVID-19 Toolkit UPDATED for new OCR Business Associate Guidance

HIPAA & COVID-19: telehealth

HIPAA & COVID-19: What HIPAA requirements are waived during COVID-19?

HIPAA & COVID-19: Watch out for COVID-19 cyber scams

HIPAA & COVID-19: Disclosing to public health and the authorities

HIPAA & COVID-19: Working from home

Compliance when nobody is watching

The perils of “Good” compliance results

There's no HIPAA for cats, by the way.

Phase III: Do SNFs need a Compliance Officer?

Have you measured your compliance culture?

Download MPA's Guide to Compliance Program Review/Annual Review

Top 5 reasons you need a compliance program review

Know your risk: HIPAA breach stats

Can you outsource compliance? Should you?

Be a compliance expert in 2020.

Phase III: Do SNFs need to conduct a compliance program annual review?

Quiz: Is your nursing home ready for Phase 3 compliance?

Compliance Officer Burnout

Phase 3 Nursing Home Compliance Update!

* Breaking News: OCR announces $1.6 million HIPAA penalty

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* Breaking News: $3 million unencrypted mobile device HIPAA settlement

DOJ cracking down on nursing homes

OCR announces $2.15 million HIPAA settlement

CMS' New Affiliate Screening Requirements Are Coming

Smartphones: The biggest HIPAA and abuse offenders

Breaking News: First social media HIPAA settlement!

Have you tested your compliance hotline lately?

HIPAA question of the day: Do your employees snoop?

Email HIPAA Breaches On the Rise

CMS Changes SNF Compliance Program Requirements – Again

* Breaking News; OCR enters first HIPAA settlement in Right of Access Initiative

Not-for-profit provider hit with ransomware twice in four months

Nursing home sued after aides taunt resident on Snapchat

What has compliance done for you lately?

"Taxi!" and other wrong ways to handle reports of misdirected PHI

Abuse by Smartphone

DOJ issues new guidance: Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs

Why Compliance Should Care About the War on Opioids

Hot HIPAA Issues: Employee Credentials & Business Associate Management

Is your SNF ready for the November compliance program deadline??

Erectile dysfunction prescription privacy: another HIPAA lawsuit proceeds

2019 Is the Year of the Compliance Program Annual Review

Ransomware attack causes doctor’s office to permanently close

*Breaking News: OCR reduces HIPAA penalty caps

Mandatory SNF Compliance Programs Will Be Here in November! Are You Ready?

Women’s Obstetrical Procedures Secretly Filmed

PEPPER Reports are here: Don't be outnumbered

Compliance and HIPAA Training Handbooks are Here!

There's no HIPAA for cats, by the way.

HIPAA Alert: Dozens of Northwestern employees potentially fired for accessing Jussie Smollett's records

I’ll have a brown sugar rosemary latte and a HIPAA breach, please.

Margaret Scavotto writes for HCCA: Compliance When Nobody is Watching

Stay informed in 2019

10,000 steps to compliance

*Free Webinar* MPA and Wolters Kluwer present: Creating a Culture of Compliance

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HIPAA breaches are everywhere: Are your employees prepared?

MPA's gift to you: Free compliance video on perks and presents

Compliance Officer Interview: Connie Rhoads and Pet Posters!

Compliance Flash Cards are now available in card-stock!

HIPAA Update: The Cost of Not Encrypting

Swiss Cheese Compliance

MPA's Compliance Store is Open!

HIPAA Fax Check

New North Korean Cyberattack– A Sophisticated Attack? Or Not?

The perils of “Good” compliance results

Social Media Snafus: Keep Your Staff HIPAA Compliant

Anthem Makes HIPAA History

Compliance when nobody is watching

Attend Compliance and HIPAA Workshops in Springfield, Illinois

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Will your staff call the HIPAA Security Officer?

Compliance Report Card: How is the Compliance Officer’s relationship with the board doing?

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Margaret Scavotto blogs for HCCA: A Tale of Two Doctor's Visits

Nursing Home CEO heads to prison

Little Data Matters Too: Analyzing Compliance Hotline Data

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HIPAA Compliance Is a Mindset

Margaret Scavotto writes for HCCA: Boost your compliance culture with Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week

The Threat of Nation-State Sponsored Cyber Attacks

OIG finds 61% therapy services error rate

What's in the box? HIPAA wants to know

Improper Sharing of Medical Files Results in a Criminal Violation of HIPAA

Why leading a compliance program is like going to the gym

2017 PEPPER Reports are here! Are you an outlier?

OIG Launches Compliance Resources Portal

Is HIPAA Changing?

Social Media Snafus May Lead to Policy Changes, Creative Training

Is your EHR ready for ransomware?

What's In Your Dumpster? HIPAA Wants to Know

Lose Something? Lost PHI Means Breach Notification

Smartphones: Privacy Risk AND Infection Risk?

To Text or Not to Text: That is the HIPAA Question

The government is monitoring your claims data. Are you?

What Recent Sexual Harassment Headlines Teach Us about Compliance

HIPAA threat: Are you protected from insiders?

Guest Blog: 10 Reasons Why Pre-transactional OIG Exclusion Checking is Essential

Compliance is the new normal.

Physical HIPAA security matters: Burglars target paper medical records

When PR Becomes a HIPAA Problem

U.S. vs Epic Software – Lessons for EMR Users

Prevent “Worthless Services” With a QAPI Checklist

Outdoor Engine Power Equipment Company Reports HIPAA Breach – Could this happen to you?

What’s In Your Envelope? HIPAA Wants to Know.

Nurse Unsuccessfully Sues Hospital over HIPAA Firing

Do you know your practices as well as your potential whisteblowers?

OCR Publishes Preliminary Results of its Phase 2 HIPAA Audits

Equifax Breach Debacle Continues to Unfold

When Healthcare Hacking Means Life and Death

HIPAA Security Alert: BlueBorne - Bluetooth Vulnerability

Guest Blog: Is HIPAA Suspended During a Hurricane?

HIPAA News: NIST Wants Simpler Password Rules

MPA Blogs for HCCA: Forgotten Physical Safeguards Lead to Stolen Records

Your Ransomware Defense: SLOW DOWN

HIPAA ALERT: Forgotten physical safeguards lead to stolen records.

Bupa Global Breach Due to Employee Theft

Selfie Time: What Could Go Wrong?

Guest Blog: Theft and Financial Exploitation

Guest HIPAA Blog: Communicating With Your Patients

* HIPAA Security Alert: Hidden Cobra *

Misdirected Fax Leads to $387,200 HIPAA Settlement

Fake Nurses: A Compliance Nightmare

WannaCry? Ransomware Attacks on the Rise!

HIPAA lessons from banking cybercrime

No HIPAA Security Risk Assessment? That'll be $400,000, please

Are you still "working on" HIPAA compliance?

$3.2 Million HIPAA Settlement Reminder: Encrypt, Encrypt, Encrypt

*New $650,000 HIPAA Settlement * Can your system stop malware?

Compliance Culture Building Block #10: Celebrate success.

PEPPER Report Card Arrives: How did we do?

Tweet, tweet: Resident abuse takes a new – and dangerous—form

DOJ Announces Biggest Health Care Fraud Case Against Individuals

Why your Compliance Officer should talk about texting.

Compliance Culture Building Block #9: Don't let history repeat itself.

HIPAA alert: Is your Security Officer's head in The Cloud?

HIPAA alert: First settlement with a business associate

Breaking Compliance News: False Claims Act penalties double

Compliance Culture Building Block #8: Measure (don't assume).

Free webinar: Great, You Have a Compliance Plan - Now What?

Feds Told to Clean Up Poor Documentation

Compliance Culture Building Block #7: Engage leadership.

Compliance Culture Building Block #6: Pave a two-way street.

OIG Updates Excluded Provider Guidance

HIPAA Hazard: The $750,000 Business Associate Agreement

2016 PEPPER Reports are here! Are you an outlier?

HIPAA Hazard: Working From Home

Compliance Culture Building Block #5: Money isn't everything.

The OCR announces a new round of HIPAA audits! Are you ready?

HIPAA Hazard: Forgetting the Boss

Is Your Compliance Officer on Speed Dial?

Security Expert Montez Fitzpatrick Explains Hollywood Ransomware Attack

Compliance Culture Building Block #4: Help your people

HIPAA Compliance: What you need to know for 2016

HIPAA Compliance: What you need to know for 2016

Compliance Culture Building Block #3: Know your values.

2015’s Compliance Game Changers: Be prepared for 2016

Compliance Culture Building Block #2: Understand your whistleblowers

HIPAA Hazard: Putting Gadgets Before Security

Compliance Culture Building Block #1: Practice what you preach.

MPA guest blogs for HCCA: Top 5 Worst Social Media Posts

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